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Have you ever seen stars sparkling in every inch of the sky, and the arm of our home galaxy, the milky way, extending 180 degrees across the sky from horizon to horizon? Gear up to be blown away by the sheer density of stars in the sky, so much so that you are almost tempted to reach out and grab some stars – The Hanle Dark Sky Reserve in Ladakh.

Our ‘Explore Ladakh - A Journey to Hanle Dark Reserve’ is a much anticipated science expedition every year, with overwhelmingly positive reviews for the nature of well crafted and curated experiences guided by experts. Being open both to kids and adults, every aspect of the trip from food to accommodation to transport and safety, is taken utmost care of.

👈 Meet Hanle

Hanle, is a small village in Ladakh region of the Himalayas, and has been bestowed upon with a tag 'Dark Sky Reserve'. This is a first in our country, and is due to the fact there is practically no light pollution in the region. This is the finest skies in the country and one of the finest in the world where the night sky is spectacular. Hanle is home to one of the highest located telescopes in the world - The Himalayan Chandra Telescope located at 4500 m above mean sea level (14764 ft) and is operated by Indian Institute of Astrophysics.

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Our science research expeditions with unique combination of activities primarily aims to bring out the curiosity, wonder and scientist within every kid. We believe travel is an essential part of learning by moving beyond the confines of a classroom to the nature. From observing what glitters in the sky to what slithers on the ground, a child expands the horizons of mind. It is by careful observations and studies of what happens in nature by humans, science and technology has come to be what they are today.

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What do our Himalayan Sky Explorers from the previous expeditions say?

This trip has been an entirely unique and educational journey for me. The experiences I had there are certainly something that can never be had elsewhere. Everything from travel to accommodation was really well planned out thanks to mango and team. I am really happy to have crossed this experience off of my bucket list and will be something I remember for years to come. Thank you everyone!
Akshay V Sathish
18 years old

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